Rescue crews search for submerged car on flooded Fern Hill Road

FOREST GROVE, Ore. – Fire crews are working to find a car along a flooded section of Fernhill Road near Forest Grove Thursday afternoon.

Officials called the effort a "recovery" after searching the murky water for nearly two hours.

Emergency responders said someone called about 1 p.m .to report a sinking car on Fern Hill Road. The caller said she saw the car floating before it disappeared underwater, Forest Grove Fire said.

Crews at the scene said someone likely moved a barricade to drive down the road, and the car was lifted and swept into a ditch by the rapid current.

Banks Fire launched a raft to help with the search.

Crews have been called out to several water rescues on the road, which is prone to flooding.

Last week, Forest Grove Fire & Rescue launched a team to retrieve a man who drove past a “road closed” barricade on Fern Hill Road.

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