Rescuers find lost hikers near Columbia Gorge

MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Ore. - Search and rescue teams on Wednesday found two hikers from Vancouver who were lost on a trail near Nesmith Point overnight.

The hikers were not hurt.

Multnomah County sheriff's deputies got a call about the hikers late Tuesday night. A rescue team deployed early Wednesday morning.

Searchers were able to ping one of the hikers' cellphones. They found Zachary Hale, 21, and Tisha Urioste, 18, around 7:30 a.m.

The hikers told deputies they began their trip at 2 p.m. Tuesday and got lost when it started getting dark. They did not have any emergency supplies with them, but they did have some water.

The hikers called 911 and stayed where they were until rescuers arrived.

What to bring on your hikes

The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office would like to remind anyone contemplating a hike or outing on hiking trails within the Columbia Gorge and other scenic areas to carry the proper equipment when setting out.

That equipment includes a map, compass, flashlight, extra food and water, extra clothing, fire starter, knife, first aid kit, signaling device, GPS and a cellphone with extra battery.

If you do become lost, staying in place helps searchers locate you as they are searching the area.

Carry bright colored clothing you can hang on a tree to attract attention.

Hiking with a group or a friend, stay together and keep each other in sight. Let someone know your plan and when you expect to return so someone knows if you are overdue.