Rescuers want to help hit-and-run victim again - if they can find her

PORTLAND, Ore. - Mike Bryan was one of several people at S.W. Second and Ash near Kell's Irish Pub who heard the screeching tires, saw the bike get crunched and watched the girl fly to the pavement.

The girl, who may be homeless, was "screaming in agony," Bryan said Monday.

"We thought the driver was going to stop, then the truck sped up and took off. We're all like 'they're leaving, they're leaving, they're running.' We were just in shock."

Bryan says help showed up in minutes, and the girl and her bike were loaded into the ambulance.

But he didn't get her name.

All he knows is she wanted to make sure her bike found it's way to a guy she called "Redneck."

People hanging around Skidmore Square told KATU they know who "Redneck" is, and said they'd seen the girl in the last couple of days, walking around Portland. Apparently she's OK.

Police say she didn't have any traumatic injuries.

It all brought back some traumatic memories for Bryan.

When he was a kid, he watched his best friend die, hit by a car while they were riding bikes.

That time the driver stopped.

This time, he, or she, or they got away.

Nobody got a good look at the driver.

Police are looking for a late 80's or early 90's red Ford Ranger pickup with a white camper