Residents in Clatsop Co. aim to restrain drone flying

ASTORIA, Ore. (AP) Clatsop County residents are asking county leaders to ensure potential drone training at Camp Rilea would be kept within the base's airspace and not public skies.

The Daily Astorian reports that the Oregon Army National Guard presented their intent to use Camp Rilea for drone training exercises at a county board meeting in June. They say that it would be used inside the base and in designated training areas.

But that didn't stop local residents, including Astoria City Councilor Drew Herzig, from presenting a letter during Wednesday's meeting.

The group submitted a draft resolution that outlined use of the drones, asking that they be prohibited from public airspace in Clatsop County.

Herzig said the group wanted to make sure it didn't become used outside of the base's airspace sometime in the future.

The draft also indicated that the drones should not be armed or used for civilian surveillance.