Rock thrown through window hits child in car seat

SANDY, Ore. - Judah Crombie says a golf ball-sized rock thrown from a group of kids at Meinig Memorial Park in Sandy, flew through his pickup truck window and hit his daughter in the passenger's seat.

"The rock just flew inches away from my face out of nowhere," Crombie said. "This rock just flew right past my eyes and hit her right in the chest."

His two-year-old daughter Abbi, was in a car seat and the rock hit and bounced off of the plastic buckle on her chest, protecting her from injury.

Once he realized she was OK, he went to find out who threw the rock. "I looked over to my left and saw some kids in that area there by the trail...young high school kids about four of them. That's when I knew they threw a rock at me."

Crombie tried to chase after them, but couldn't catch up. He filed a police report and hopes those kids see what could have happened and get scared straight.

Crombie said, "Take a look at my baby here and think of little innocent people getting hurt who don't deserve it. Think before you act. It's all fun and games until somebody really gets hurt."