Ruts causing more problems on Hwy 217

BEAVERTON, Ore. - The ruts on Highway 217 southbound are causing potentially dangerous problems for drivers.

Oregon Department of Transportation crews had to move the lanes on Highway 217 to raise the median. As part of the project, they had to grind down the old lane markers, which created ruts in the road.

Jesse Goodling said his tire was damaged by the ruts on Sunday, and it could have been a lot worse.

"I felt my car jolt real fast as I got going right over the ruts," he said. "I knew immediately something was wrong 'cause it kind of threw me into the wall a little bit, or toward the wall, and I over-corrected a little bit and it threw me into the right lane after that."

Goodling said he thought his tire was blown out, but when he got home he saw that it was flat and separated from the rim on the inside. He took it to a repair shop and said he was told the jerk by the ruts pulled the tire from the rim.

Other concerned drivers told KATU about the ruts last month.

ODOT is aware of the problem, spokesman Don Hamilton said. Hamilton said the ruts have not caused any wrecks on Highway 217.

"There is the rut, but there are other issues as well," Hamilton said. "This is a work zone. Motorists need to be careful all through this area around in here."

ODOT plans to finish the median project by May 31.

Goodling says he wants to see more warning signs about the ruts until the project is done.

"We're talking mid-May here and I haven't seen anything done or signs or anything done towards it," he said.

"There are no signs that say this is a rut in the road, but there are signs saying this is a work zone," said Hamilton.

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