Salem cyclist gets creative to fight road rage

SALEM, Ore. - It's a busy stretch of road right between the crowded state buildings and Willamette University in Salem.

David Fox rides there often on his way home, he hasn't had any problems until last week.

"Then he got frustrated, pulled up next to me, rolled down his window and said 'get in the bike lane you bleep bleep'," Fox recalled.

Fox says he was minding his business, cruising down the middle of the right lane, when a driver started honking at him, angry he wasn't using the bike lane. Problem is, there is no bike lane, something he tried to explain to the driver but Fox says that made the guy even more angry.

"He said, 'I hope you get killed by a car'," Fox said.

After he calmed down Fox realized the driver just didn't know the laws, specifically a section allowing riders to use the entire lane if there are certain conditions which make riding along the curb or roadway edge unsafe, like a row of parked cars.

"If somebody opens their door and you swerve to miss it and you go into on-coming traffic or into a car behind you," Fox said.

Instead of getting angry, Fox got to work. He made his own signs referencing the rules of the road, which he posted for a few hours.

He hopes the signs spark a discussion so drivers and cyclists better understand the rules.

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