Scam preys on a pretty basic fear - losing your electricity

Beware, Pacific Power customers.

There are scammers at work who know you're pretty fond of electricity, and they're targeting you.

Here's how it works.

People claiming to be Pacific Power representatives call a customer, claiming the customer's bill is past due and their electricity will soon be cut off.

The scammer then advises the customer to pay over the phone - sometimes throwing in a special meter charge - either immediately over the phone, or by either calling another number or going to the store to buy a pre-paid card and calling back with the code.

"These scammers are in no way associated with our company and we take very seriously any efforts to defraud our customers," said Karen Gilmore, Pacific Power's vice president of customer service.

Pacific Power says it will always provide a customer's account number when it places calls. If you question the validity of a call, call Pacific Power back at its published number: (888) 221-7070.

The calls are similar to those that have hit customers nationwide. Contact the police and Pacific Power if you receive such a call.