Scammer tries to convince people they're wanted for arrest

Beware residents of Washington and Lane counties: There's a scammer out there trying to convince folks they're wanted for arrest.

Someone is calling with a story trying to scare people in to handing over hundreds of dollars. The caller tells people there's a warrant for their arrest and unless that person pays up, they'll go to jail.

Barbara Ryan said she got that phone call.

"He said there was a bench warrant out for me for not reporting for federal jury duty. He knew my name and my address and of course he had the phone number. I was shaking. I was almost in tears," Ryan said.

When we tried calling the scammer, no one answered, but the recording indicated the phone number was with the Washington County Sheriff's Office. Sinovic left a message, and about an hour later, a man claiming to have no clue about the scam called back.

The caller identified himself as a "Mr. Anderson" and denied any connection to the scam. He told KATU to call him back on a landline. About an hour later, that number was disconnected along with the initial number KATU called with the phony sheriff's office recording.

Washington County investigators are now very interested in speaking with the same man and say this is an ongoing investigation.