School district stands by decision to cancel classes

PORTLAND, Ore. - Freezing fog and icy spots on the roads Thursday morning had most schools in the metro area either on a delay or closed for the day.

Portland Public Schools started the day with a two-hour delay but then decided to bag the entire day. The decision left a lot of families with a sudden change of plans.

District officials said the road conditions were just too unpredictable. Spokeswoman Erin Hoover-Barnett said there were also a number of accidents near the district bus barn that would delay buses even more.

And there's the end of the school day to consider as well, even though the sun broke through and the temperature warmed to above freezing in most places.

"We knew that was going to happen, but we also know that when the sun sets it goes the other direction, and we could again have icy conditions," said Hoover-Barnett. "All of these things led us to feel it was the right call."

Portland dad Robin Kinnaird found himself suddenly running a day care.

"My wife was already at work. My neighbor called and said we're at your house, with five kids, everybody's working, can you come watch them today?" he said.

Instead of school, it was movies and popcorn, and Kinnaird said "the driving really isn't bad at all."