School districts deal with Twitter 'confessions'

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- The Twitter account is called "Clarkfessions" and it has hundreds of tweets about teenagers' sexual activity, with some graphic descriptions.

"This is an online conversation that is out of our control," said Battle Ground School District Communications Director Sean Chavez.

"We look at that and think to ourselves 'what can we do'," Chavez said.

Chavez read the Twitter thread Tuesday night, and told school principals about it so they could be ready to respond to conversations kids may be having at school.

Chavez says the district can't stop the thread, but can help kids by having internet safety classes and programs available, and having the "Safe School Alert" on their home page. Safe School Alert is a place where people can report anything they see or hear that is inappropriate.

"We don't monitor social media outside our sponsored sites, but we do watch the safe alert very closely and respond to concerns there," Chavez said.

But with outside threads and posts, "when it's unfounded, when we don't know what's really going on, it's more like the stories and fables most of us heard as kids," says Chavez.

Other districts follow the same general guidelines.

Both Evergreen and Vancouver School Districts blocked twitter from their systems, even before the "Clarkfessions" thread started.

"We used to just have to teach kids how to be safe crossing the street, now we have to teach them how to be safe crossing cyberspace," said Chavez.