School lunch sugar overload? Mom wants district to change the menu

STAYTON, Ore. -- What falls under federal guidelines as good for breakfast and lunch at school, isn't exactly what some parents want to see on their child's menu.

Grady Hardage is hoping North Santiam School District does something about the menu that makes her cringe.

"We want to let them know there are good options, good and healthy and set them up to succeed, and go into a classroom with full bellies so they can sit down and focus instead of being hopped up on sugar," Hardage told KATU.

She displayed the packets upon packets of sugar she showed the district in a meeting demonstrating just how much sugar is in every pop tart, doughnut, sugary cereal, and cereal bar the district offers.

Superintendent Andrew Gardner told KATU, he was listening.

"My own kids go to school here," Gardner said. "With the little sugar packages attached. It was a very clear visual."

Gardner told KATU the district is meeting with parents May 28 to discuss options to the menu that help minimize the amount of sugar on the menu.