Screws on I-5 in Vancouver send drivers to the tire shop

A pickup lost its load on I-5, littering the pavement with screws and causing flat tire problems for drivers. - KATU photo

A Vancouver tire shop was busy repairing punctured tires after Washington State Patrol says a pickup truck lost its load on Friday afternoon, spilling screws, nails and glass onto Interstate 5 northbound near State Route 500.

Denis Schiller was getting all four of his tires replaced at Les Schwab on Saturday. He said the shop pulled 24 screws out of his tires.

“I have to spend $600 that I hadn't budgeted for at this point,” Schiller said.

On his drive, Schiller said he saw a Washington State Department of Transportation employee sweeping up debris in the area, but he said the person stopped just before he ran through all the nails.

Schiller wasn't the only one who had a flat tire from the incident. State troopers say about 20 people were affected by the roadway spill.

An employee at Les Schwab told KATU he found around 90 screws in tires on Saturday.

WSDOT said a worker was in the area Friday cleaning up debris after it happened, but said, there were no records that a cleanup crew returned to the area.

Anyone who thinks they ran into the debris are asked to call Washington State Patrol at 360-449-7999.

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