Self-Defense Tips

At One With Heart, Tulen Center, they've been teaching women self-defense techniques for more than 30 years.

Danielle McGrath said the moves are simple to learn and highly effective. The three top tools are awareness, assessment and action.

"Using your awareness, it alerts you, you get a sense that something's not right and so you act on that right away," she said. "Assessment would be checking out the situation, escape is primary goal, so getting out of there, getting distance from the person. And then action would be using your basic self-defense tools."

It doesn't matter whether someone is sneaking up behind you or attacking you with a weapon or even how old you are, it's about using your voice to say "No!" and setting clear boundaries with your body language and striking over and over until you can run away and get help. Self-defense is all about being confident and calm.

"Nothing you can do is wrong when you're in a self-defense situation. Every woman does the best they can in that situation. Your goal is to escape," said McGrath.

Another big factor that goes along with being calm is to focus on your breathing. And also be positive. Tell yourself it's going to be OK.