Seriously injured woman faces soaring medical bills after hit on bike

PORTLAND, Ore. - Hannah Davison, 24, is staying strong 11 days after she was hit by a car while riding her bike home.

The driver hasn't been caught.

Davison's keeping her head up despite multiple surgeries and dozens of stitches.

She was hit at North Skidmore and Borthwick on Sept. 10. She crashed into the car's front windshield and bounced up and over the car. Her bike was smashed to pieces.

As she was riding home from work and approached the intersection, police said a green Buick pulled out and hit her.

Police haven't found the driver, who dumped the car a few blocks away and fled.

After five days in the hospital, Davison is now at home. She suffered six fractures to her eye socket, severed two arteries in her face, broke her nose, fractured her shoulder blade in three places, cracked vertebrae and had multiple cuts on her face and upper body.

"I was told pretty point-blank in the hospital that I can expect to just be laid up for a few solid months," she said Monday.

Davison faces more than $65,000 in medical bills. It's an amount she said continues to climb.

She is a bartender and server. She said covering those medical bills is next to impossible, so she has set up this GoFundMe account.

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