Settlement with police bureau captain displeases Portland mayor

PORTLAND, Ore.-- Though he signed the document, Portland Mayor Charlie Hales says he's not happy with the settlement that ended the city's legal battle with police Capt. Mark Kruger.

Back In 1999, Kruger posted a plaque in a city park that honored Nazi-era German soldiers. He was later suspended, but the city has now agreed to remove the disciplinary action from his personnel file to help settle a new legal claim.

Hales says he hears the community outrage and agrees with much of it. The mayor says he signed the document because he was told that the city might lose a court fight with Kruger.

Hales says mayors often must make distasteful decisions, and this is one of them.

Besides removing the suspension from Kruger's record, the city agreed to pay him $5,000 and erase a reprimand he got for retaliating against a lieutenant.

"These issues awaken our values as a community, especially where it comes to the behavior we expect from our public servants," Hales said in a statement.

Kruger described himself as a military history buff, and denied any admiration for Nazis.

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