'She was kicking the breath out of me': Girl describes road-rage assault

OREGON CITY, Ore. - A traffic accident isn't the only way to get hurt on the roads.

A 17-year-old girl said she was beaten up at an intersection after a confrontation and chase with a woman on I-205 on Friday morning.

The girl's parents didn't want her name used.

"She hit me in the face and grabbed me by my hair and threw me down on the ground on my face, and started kicking me in my ribs," the girl said. "I was pretty much on the ground the whole time. I couldn't say anything because she was kicking the breath out of me."

Oregon City police are looking for a Hispanic woman driving a dark green mid-1990s Chevrolet Monte Carlo with tan interior.

The girl said she was merging onto I-205 south from Division St. on Friday when the woman saw her and wouldn't let her into traffic.

The girl said she honked, which sent the woman into a rage.

She said the woman followed her nine miles to Oregon City - screaming at her through the window much of the way - before they finally got off at the Prairie Schooner intersection off Highway 213.

"She was throwing rocks at my car, something like that when we stopped," the girl said. "I got out and I was going to ask her to stop doing that and stop following me."

The girl said cars dove by but nobody stopped to help as she sustained a concussion, injured ribs and bruises. She fought back - "I hit her in the face a couple of times with my fist and pulled her hair out," she said - before the woman got in her car and headed back to I-205.

The girl got back in her car and drove to a hair salon, where somebody called 911.

Contact Oregon City police if you have any information.