Sherwood High students build a brand new home

SHERWOOD, Ore. - There was a lot of buzz in a Sherwood neighborhood on Friday as high school students showed off the hard work they put into building a home.

The Bowmen House at 22171 S.W. Dewey Drive went on the market Friday.

The home was built by around 300 students from Sherwood High School who came from several different classes - from architecture to advanced construction - and put in hundreds of hours of work.

The Craftsman style house has three bedrooms and two baths. The students did everything from the initial design to the framing, floor installation and even the detailed mill work. They even contracted out to another school, Gaston High, for help with some of the work.

Marie House, a senior at Sherwood High, said framing was her favorite part of the project. But she added that the experience taught her more than new skills.

"This has taught me a lot of perseverance and patience to be able to sit there and to be proud of my work afterwards," she said.

The hope is to have a student-built house every two years. The next one, which will be built on a neighboring property, is already in the design phase.