Shoppers crowd stores on Super Saturday

TIGARD, Ore. - In case the holiday decorations and the jolly old man in the window don't give it away, the sheer number of shoppers at Bridgeport Village is a sure sign that Christmas is right around the corner.

Marc Dana and his wife were among the thousands of shoppers who waited until the last minute to check off their Christmas list on Saturday.

Super Saturday, as it's known now is the busiest day of the year for the shopping center, even eclipsing Black Friday.

The shops close at 9 every night, but across town at Toys "R" Us, the shopping carts will be roaming the aisles for 70 hours straight.

For the second consecutive year, the toy giant will keep all its stores open around the clock until 9 pm Christmas eve.

The employees might not like it, but it's something of a Christmas miracle for last-minute shoppers like Maya Begic.

"I can't even tell you what I was thinking," Begic said. "I am so overwhelmed."