Sidelined construction project perplexes NE Portland residents

PORTLAND, Ore. - Some Northeast Portland residents have been cut off from their own driveways for months because of a seemingly dormant construction project.

Construction equipment on Northeast 60th Avenue between Sacramento and Thompson sat idle Thursday. The hole in the street has been there so long that corn was sprouting around it.

Needless to say, some residents are now saying now what?

Gilbert Ledezma, who works for a port-a-potty service, said he hasn't seen any sign of work for a long time.

"For the last maybe month, no one's been working out here," he said. "I don't know whatever the reason, but since they're paying for the service, we still got to come out here and make sure it's clean for them."

Portland Bureau of Environmental Services officials said the project has been sidelined because the assigned contractor is spread thin working on the Rose City sewer repair project.

"Crews haven't been out here since late June. That's when they discovered a collapsed sewer pipe," said Linc Mann of the Bureau of Environmental Services. "Unfortunately, that also led to a redesign of the project, but now the city says they're ready to go again."

Mann said construction will start up again next week and should conclude with a couple weeks.