Silver Falls to change warning signs after boy, 10, falls

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Liam Pelot says he saw the orange warning tape moments before his son, Wilson, 10, plunged over the railing.

"I was thinking there was an erosion issue or maybe ice," said Pelot. "It didn't say to me the railing's not working."

A spokesman for Oregon State Parks said Silver Falls will now use more prominent signage to warn hikers of dangerous spots that need to be fixed.

The parks spokesman also admitted a volunteer noticed the broken railing on Dec. 22, 2013.

A staff member inspected it a day later and marked it for repair.

But the two-person crew that supervises repair work was tied up on another project.

They weren't scheduled to fix the railing until a month after it was first reported -- too late for Wilson Pelot.

On Tuesday, his father said doctors have a clearer understanding of his son's injuries. They include a spinal injury, lung punctures, fractures, internal bleeding, cuts and bruises.'

"He will walk again. He's not paralyzed," said Liam. "We're very lucky."

Wilson could be released from OHSU as soon as this week.

Meanwhile, video surfaced of the same broken railing 24 hours before the accident.

Marci Mormance and her husband brought their two sons, Evan and Vincent, to Silver Falls State Park on Saturday.

Evan is also 10 -- he also leaned against the railing to marvel at the 93-foot lower south falls.

"It was wobbly," said Evan. "Once I figured it could have fell, I let go before I could have fallen off."

Evan and his family continued on without problems.