'Slap tagging' covering neighborhood street signs

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The messages on some street signs in one Southeast Portland neighborhood are nearly disappearing thanks to a coating of stickers and scribbled tags.

The practice of defacing an image or message is called "slap tagging" or "sticker bombing."

Most people in the Belmont neighborhood that we spoke to say it's been going on for a long time. Some feel it's an art form, others find it annoying.

Danny Moore is a bartender and barista at The Cricket Cafe.

"It's annoying sometimes. Some of them can be alright," he said.

We called the Portland Bureau of Transportation about the practice. Their spokesperson, Diane Dulken, says that when the signs become too plastered over to read, there can be a safety issue. She added that if they are notified about it, they will come out and clean it up.