Smash-and-grab crime spree hits 8 Wash. Co. businesses, police say

FOREST GROVE, Ore. - A crime spree in Washington County affected at least eight businesses Friday morning, Forest Grove Police Capt. Mike Herb said.

Herb said somebody smashed the businesses' windows and attempted to steal money from the cash registers.

At least three of the businesses were on Pacific Ave. in Forest Grove. Police responded to a call just after 6:30 a.m. and found the windows smashed at Brass Comb Salon, Little Monkey Deli and Pac Thai.

Two stores were hit in Hillsboro - Hillsboro Hobby Shop and 2nd Hand Wireless, Hillsboro Police Lt. Mike Rouches said.

2nd Hand Wireless owner Brooks Doherty was angry Friday afternoon. The crime left him with a $100 repair bill.

"My message is get a job and stop robbing people," he said. "The people you are robbing have families they are trying to support. They don't appreciate when you break their stuff. Just get a job. Stop doing meth and get a job."

Club Hair & Nail in Beaverton was also hit.

Rouches said police believe the two burglaries in Hillsboro, at least, are related but aren't sure whether all eight in the county are related. Rouches said the suspect in Hillsboro is a man wearing a black hoodie, black mask, black gloves and black shoes.

Greg Carlson, who owns the Hillsboro Hobby Shop, said he was holding his first-ever sale Friday.

"Heck of a day to have a robbery like this," he said. "To have to put boards on your windows so people don't even know if you are open."

Carlson spent Friday poring over surveillance video trying to figure out who smashed in his business' front door and stole $60 out of the shop's cash register.

"I came here and there was glass everywhere," he said.