Snow falling in parts of Clark County, Beaverton area

We may not have gotten a white Christmas, but areas of the Vancouver-Portland metro area enjoyed a New Year's Eve dusting late Monday morning.

Snow began falling in northern parts of Vancouver, including Felida, Salmon Creek and Orchards areas, at about 11 a.m. The flakes also were reported to be falling in areas west of Portland, including parts of Beaverton, St. Helens and Scappoose.

However, forecasters say the snow may be short-lived. The National Weather Service issued a short-term forecast, saying the accumulations will be light - just a dusting in most areas.

A few spots, including Banks and Kelso, may see more than a dusting, but it will be less than 1 inch, forecasters predict.

Steve Pierce, the president of Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, said the epicenter of the snowfall appears to be the Felida and Salmon Creek areas, and that snowfall should persist until nightfall.

An additional 1 inch is possible afternoon for parts of Vancouver, according to the National Weather Service.