Snow slows down holiday travel but skiers rejoice

PORTLAND, Ore. - Most everyone likes snow for Christmas - unless you have to drive in it.

And while it looks to be a wet rather than a white Christmas for Northwest residents at lower elevations, anyone heading over mountain passes in Oregon needs to be prepared for winter travel conditions including snow-covered roadways.

Deep snow has piled up in the Cascades and that includes most mountain passes, where chains are required for most all vehicles.

Storms in other parts of the country are also causing some flight delays at Portland International Airport. The TSA is also reminding travelers that they may have to unwrap wrapped gifts if they can't discern the contents using their scanning machines. TSA Q&A page

They advise travelers to bring presents unwrapped if possible or use gift bags. Also, some food items are not allowed. Check the list

All the new snow is great news for skiers, snowboarders and other alpine enthusiasts, of course, and all the major ski resorts in the area are open for business ahead of a long holiday weekend. 'Cosmic Tubing' anyone?

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