Some fine weather for the first BBQ of woman's life

There are people who grill year-round.

Others grill only during the warmer months.

And then there's Carol Moriarty.

She's preparing to fire up the barbecue Sunday evening for the first time in her life.

"I kid you not," she said with a smile and a diluted Irish accent.

Carol grew up across the Atlantic Ocean and moved to the U.S. about 10 years ago after winning a visa in something she called the immigration lottery.

"We don't barbecue in Ireland. We don't have the luxury of going outside and cooking something because it rains 365 days a year."

By her standards, Portland is a sunny city.

We met her buying rib-eye steak in the meat department at the Fred Meyer in Northeast Portland's Hollywood District.

Carol said American television programs inspired her to finally flare up the grill after growing up watching chefs flipping burgers on television in Ireland but never trying it out for herself even after moving to the states.

"It's going to be trial and error," she said, admitting that if something goes awfully wrong: "We may actually be ordering pizza later."