Somebody's getting a belly rub: Dog saves Castle Rock jogger from attack

CASTLE ROCK, Wash. - Good dog.

Really good dog.

A 23-year-old woman who was walking along a trail along the Cowlitz River last Thursday was saved from an attack by one of her two dogs.

Kelsey Short said it all started when a man with shaggy blond hair, scruffy facial hair, khaki shorts and no shirt or shoes jumped from the bushes and tried to pull her cellphone from her hands.

Her Labrador-mix, Zug, was quick on his feet.

"My dog jumped and bit onto his arm. The man got away and he jumped on him again and bit him and then chased after him," she said.

Short said the man resisted the dog, hitting Zug. Zug fought back.

"He hunched on his back and bit him when the guy tried running -- bit him in the shoulder," she said.

The man ran north toward the PH10 bridge. Zug followed.

"Then the guy went to run and the dog lunged on his back and got him by the back," Short said.

Short said her dog is getting extra attention for his heroic efforts.

"He's definitely been getting a lot of treats and belly rubs," she said.

Short saved Zug from a shelter a year and a half ago.

Police - who had dogs of their own - weren't able to find the man.

Police say they haven't arrested anyone yet, but they have a few good leads. They think the attacker was a transient.

They do know the attacker will have two distinct dog bites on his upper arm and shoulder.

If you have any information, call (360) 274-4711 ext. 504.