"Spirited 12th Man" makes it to Super Bowl

LONGVIEW, Wash. -- David Gilbert is quite a sports fan.

He's seen The Masters, the Stanley Cup, The Olympics.

But he's never been to a Super Bowl.

"It's one of things on his bucket list," as his wife, Tracey, puts it.

Early in the season, when the Seahawks looked like they had a good chance of making it all the way to the championship, David thought he'd take a chance too, so he bought tickets.

He got one for him, one for his son, Andre, and one for his dad, Tom.

Tracey says that's typical.

"He always wanted to take someone along, especially someone who had never been to that game," she says. "He always wanted the story to be about Dave and I."

That was in November.

Then on Dec. 2, David died in his sleep.

Andre and Tom decided they would still make the trip.

They sold one ticket to pay for plane fare.

They landed in New York on Friday, Andre's 18th birthday.

They'll be at the game on Sunday, with football and David Gilbert on their minds.

"It's going to be bittersweet for them" says Tracey. "We joke about David being the ultimate 12th man."