The numbers: Springwater Corridor clean-up, day 5

Crews begin sweep of Springwater Corridor Trail on Thursday, Sept. 1 (Photo: Kirsten Nicolaisen, KATU News)

Crews cleaning up the Springwater Corridor Trail have managed to move all homeless campers from the Beggars Tick area Thursday.

The City of Portland began cleaning up the trail Thursday, Sept. 1. Homeless advocates have estimated more than 500 people have made the trail their home, and city officials say it could take weeks to clean up.

Here are the items that were cleaned up Thursday:

  • 5 gallons liquid feces
  • 10 pounds of dried feces
  • 75 needles

Over five days of work, crews have cleaned up:

  • 1,845 needles
  • 22 gallons of urine
  • 16 gallons fecal matter
  • 10 lbs. dried feces
  • 16 propane tanks
  • 3 gallons motor oil
  • 2 gallons of paint
  • 30 tires
  • Mattress, chair, other furniture removed from Johnson Creek
  • Filled five 40-yard dumpsters (for reference, 1 dump truck is 10 yards)
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