No validity to St. Helens High School bomb threat, all after school activities canceled

ST. HELENS, Ore. – Students and staff evacuated St. Helens High School on Wednesday after a bomb threat surfaced on the campus.

Staff said they found the threat on a bathroom wall stating that a bomb would go off at noon.

Students were evacuated from the school as a safety precaution and taken to Columbia City Elementary School.

"We didn't know if there was a bomb. You don't know what happened, you just follow directions," said Max Jones, a freshman. "It was a little hectic. Everyone is kind of like, what's happening, did you talk to your parents?"

St. Helens Principal BG Aguirre says she takes any threat seriously. She says the entire student body of 1,000 were evacuated t in 30 minutes.

"It's really scary. It's one of the scary things of being an educator these days, and I just want to make sure I'm always doing everything I can to make sure my students and staff are safe," said Aguirre.

Many parents were happy with how the school staff handled the situation and were impressed with the organization.

"They handled it very well. The school has done amazing," said Mary Musaraca, a parent.

Police officers and deputies searched the school for any suspicious devices, but came up empty.

After school activities and sports are canceled for the day.

Back in 2014, police detained a student who brought a bomb to St. Helens High School.

Below is an update from school officials:

After a thorough search of St. Helens High School campus by law enforcement the district was notified at 1:45 that there was no evidence of a bomb or any other type of threat. The school building was cleared and deemed safe to occupy at that time. Students remaining at Columbia City Elementary School that normally ride the bus home from school will board the bus from Columbia City Elementary School and be transported to their home as usual. Other students that walked or drove to school will be transported from Columbia City Elementary School back to St. Helens High School to either walk home from there or pick up their cars.

We want to say thank you to students, staff, parents as well as our first responders for keeping this event as safe and orderly as possible.

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