Stabbing victim at Estacada store recovers in the hospital: 'They did a really good job'

'Residents write well wishes to Mike, a cashier at Harvest Market in Estacada who was stabbed yesterday in a brutal attack' - Photo from KATU's Kellee Azar

ESTACADA, Ore. – A Clackamas County man was charged with the gruesome murder of his mom on Mother's Day, and an attack at an Estacada grocery store that left one worker in the hospital.

Joshua Webb is being held on murder and attempted murder; he is expected to make his first court appearance Tuesday.

It's a reality no one could have imagined.

Police surrounded the Harvest Market Thriftway on Sunday afternoon, and word quickly spread that well-known employee Michael Wagner had been stabbed.

“Things can happen anywhere; you just hope that it doesn't happen in your backyard,” Estacada resident Marci Dolan said.

Estacada Fire started treating Wagner’s injuries before he was taken off in an ambulance. Officials said the 66-year-old is recovering at a hospital.

Investigators said that other store employees held Webb to the ground until law enforcement arrived at the scene.

“I just like to give them a good pat on the back and a job well done, I’m thankful they were there and reacted the way they did, they did a really good job," said Estacada resident John Neider.

Neider has shopped at Harvest Market for decades and says Mike is a staple at the store.

“I talk with him every time I go in the store. He’s a super nice guy, very friendly,” John said. “Thank God Mike is going to be okay, I hope to see him back there real soon.”

Neider joined several other community members Monday to leave a message of support for Mike’s recovery.

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