State buys new house for woman whose home is in road project's way

HILLSBORO, Ore. - The state of Oregon bought a house for an 86-year-old woman whose home of more than 40 years stood in the way of a highway expansion project.

In 1972, Patsy Burnsed and her late husband Melvin bought a house on Groveland Drive. Their six children grew up there.

ODOT needs to bulldoze the homes on Groveland to expand Highway 26. Officials offered Burnsed $200,000 to move out of her house, but the widow wouldn't have seen any of the money because she had a reverse mortgage. It would have gone straight to the bank that owned her house.

So the state came up with a solution to buy a house nearby and allow her to live there rent-free.

"Our house is old and kind of beat up," said Patsy. "But we have a lot of memories there."

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