Stay out of section of South Yamhill River, health officials warn

YAMHILL COUNTY, Ore. -- Kids love it and parents finally get a break.

"Sometimes when you get stuck in the house, little kids and puppies are all running around, it's like we are going to the river!" Jessica Whiting said.

As relaxing as the river may be, a section of the South Yamhill River near Amity is starting to get a bad reputation.

Locals know about the problems with trash along the water, but they weren't happy to learn there might be a different type of pollutant in it.

KATU News first heard about the problems after a viewer said her 12-year-old son was sick for days after he went swimming there.

The Oregon Public Health Division says they have three confirmed cases of people coming down with E. coli over the past two months. They say the only thing they all had in common was a dip in the same water.

That was enough to send one family packing, but others didn't seem fazed.

"I do tell them not to drink the water," Whiting said.

Whiting has been swimming in the river since she was a kid and says her own children have never gotten sick.

Still, she only takes them there a few times each summer and never for more than an hour or two.

She's hoping her lucky streak continues because the last thing she wants is two sick kids the week before school starts.