"Stay right here. You're not going anywhere!"

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Scott Dickinson didn't like the looks of 7-foott tall graffit he found all over the side of his building.

So when he saw a man armed with a spray can ready to paint some more a couple days later, he got angry.

"I lift up the blinds to see who it is and I hear and see the guy shaking a spray can ... and then he starts spraying the wall," Dickinson said.

Dickinson called 911, but deputies weren't able to track down the suspect at first.

"That's when I jumped in my truck and started driving around figuring he couldn't have gone far," Dickinson said.

A few hours later, Dickison spotted the bike he'd seen the vandal riding earlier that day.

"I find him on the backside of a strip mall behind a dumpster ... I saw just the corner of his 10-speed... I called the sheriff's department back and said 'I have him.'"

Dickinson told the man, "You stay right here, you're not going anywhere!"

Dickinson told KATU, "Police tell me this is not just the work of one guy. It's a group of peopleyou see the elaborate work here on the wall. They've been doing this for a long time and they don't care whose property they destroy."

The Clark County Sheriff's Office told KATU deputies booked Josiah Kearney for Malicious Mischief-Graffiti.