Pile of manure dumped in Gresham neighborhood: 'He's going to show you who's boss'

The pile of manure in Gresham (KATU News photo)

Some Gresham residents say they can smell a pile of manure from blocks away - especially on hot days.

The pile of horse and chicken manure was left atop an empty property along a fence line last week. Neighbors say the owner dumped the manure because they complained about him burning tree stumps.

Ernie Loy lives in the neighborhood and says someone else talked to the owner, who said, "I just want you to know he's planning on piling a row of manure 10 feet high all the way along your fence line. And he's going to leave it there all summer just to show you who's boss."

Gresham city code allows manure to be kept on land that's zoned for agriculture, which that plot of land is, so there's no violation.

However, cancer survivor Rosalie Newman has a weakened immune system and worries about what the flies the manure is bringing to the neighborhood could do.

"They carry diseases, so I come out and water my flowers and then go right back inside," she said. "I can't stay out and read my paper."

She said she talked to the owner of the property, John Riddell.

"He said [the manure is there], 'Well, I'm planning on planting,'" Newman said. "Well, I've been here 10 years and he's never planted a thing, ever."

There's a meeting on July 3 about re-zoning the land.

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