Student 'causing concern' at middle school told to stay home

SCAPPOOSE, Ore. - The Scappoose School District Superintendent said a student whose behavior was "causing concern" at a middle school has been told to stay home and police are investigating.

KATU News received an email Tuesday morning from a person claiming to be a grandparent of a girl who attends Scappoose Middle School. The author of the email said parents were concerned about something a student had written.

The email also said some parents were planning on keeping their children out of school on Tuesday.

Parents and students KATU News spoke to Tuesday said the boy was making threats. They said the boy dresses strangely, wears a mask as he walks the hallways, imitates stabbing people and has a list of students he wants to kill.

However, some of the parents and students admitted that some of the allegations could be rumors that have spun out of control.

But the school district is taking the situation seriously.

Superintendent Stephen Jupe said officials at Scappoose Middle School responded on Monday and the child being kept at home was the same child that was mentioned in the email.

He also said he could not confirm any details in the email and the district would not confirm exactly what the boy's accused of doing.

Jupe said some students did not come to class Tuesday but insisted the school is safe.

"The middle school followed protocol for a situation like this to the letter," Jupe said.

The school district has not said when the student in question can return to class, Jupe said. He said the child's family is cooperating with the school and police are looking into the matter.

Police are investigating, but they aren't releasing any more information beyond what the district did.

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