Students find loaded gun on floor of Tillamook movie theater

TILLAMOOK, Ore. - A loaded gun was found in a Tillamook movie theater by a couple of junior high school students who were there to see the new 'Hobbit' movie as part of a class trip.

They found the gun, an older Beretta 9 millimeter, Wednesday morning at the Coliseum Theater. The firearm had one bullet in the chamber and the safety was off.

One of the students who found the weapon informed an adult who was with the class and police were called to the theater.

"I was pretty scared," said Kolten McKinney, one of the kids who found the gun. "It could have been a concealed weapon that was dropped or it could have been from a crime scene."

"It was in the seat and when he sat down it fell out," said Levi Crabtree, another student. "It was pointed toward his and mine ankle."

Once officers removed the gun and searched the theater, the students were allowed back inside so they could finish watching the film. Some law enforcement officers did remain in the theater during the movie as a precaution.

Several hours after the incident, the gun's owner did come forward. He returned to the theater to try to pick up the weapon but ran into Tillamook's police chief, who was not happy about the situation.

It turned out that the gun owner does have a license to carry a concealed weapon but he could still face charges of reckless endangerment.