Surveillance video pays off with arrest of suspected package snatcher

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- The homeowner's cameras first spotted them around noon on Wednesday.

The footage shows two women driving an orange hatchback. They pull into the homeowner's driveway, the passenger hops out, and steals a package right off his front porch.

"It was a gift for my son that was stolen. Maybe the lady is doing her Christmas shopping on my porch," the homeowner said.

He asked we not say his name, but he had no problem showing us his five surveillance cameras all over his house. He then showed the images to neighbors and even his UPS deliveryman hoping they would spot the car.

That move paid off just a few hours later when the UPS driver gave him a call.

"He says I think I found the car. It fits the description," the homeowner said.

The car was parked just a few blocks away. The women were hired by another homeowner to repaint her house before she sold it.

Deputies arrested at least one of the women. Now the homeowner says everyone should invest in cameras like he did.