Suspect in officer shooting carjacked couple: 'It's a miracle we're still alive'

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- The suspect in a shooting that left a Vancouver police officer critically injured Monday carjacked an elderly man in his own driveway minutes later. The suspect later ditched their gold Chevy pickup in a nearby neighborhood and was arrested.

The suspects first crashed a different truck involved in the shooting near Diamond Park. One of the suspects got out and stole the Lowry's truck out of their driveway.

"It feels terrible to have somebody walk up in your driveway and take the keys," said Marguerite Lowry.

She walked out of her house just as the suspect drove off. She said the man had just come up to her husband Don and grabbed the keys out of his mouth. Don was carrying them that way because his hands were full.

"Worst thing that's ever happened to me. I can't believe it," Marguerite Lowry said. "It's a miracle we're still alive."

They got their truck back Monday evening.

"Going to take it to the body shop," she said. "There's probably got a lot of stuff going on inside of it, heaven knows what."