Suspect targeting parked cars in Sandy is caught on camera in the act

SANDY, Ore. - Cameras catch a man trying to break into a truck on a night when several vehicles were burglarized.

Paul LaPlante installed the cameras a few years back. They point to the street and the cars parked in his driveway.

Last week LaPlante says several of his neighbors' cars were burglarized, so he looked at his surveillance video footage and caught a man trying to break into his truck.

"You can't even go to bed at night and know your cars are going to be secure," said LaPlante.

LaPlante says he turned the video over to Sandy police and warned his neighbors about the man.

"He's going door to door, looking in cars and trying to find the unlocked ones," said LaPlante.

LaPlante has lived on the 37000 block of Green Mountain Street since 2005. He says the crime rate has gone up and blames few police resources for the growing community. LaPlante says he is considering starting a neighborhood watch in his neighborhood.

Sandy police tell KATU News there are no suspects in the case and ask anyone with information to call police.