Tax season starting later because of 'fiscal cliff'

SALEM, Ore. -- Tax season in Oregon is getting a later start this year following new laws enacted by Congress to resolve the fiscal cliff crisis.

The Internal Revenue Service's 2013 filing season will start Jan. 30, eight days after the initially planned start date. On that day, the IRS will begin processing individual income tax returns filed electronically and on paper.

The delay follows a new federal law enacted on Jan. 2 that mandated the IRS to update its forms and instructions as well as make processing system adjustments.

Tax officials recommend folks get a head start in the filing process by:

  • Identifying your bank routing numbers, so you can use direct deposit for your refund.

  • Make sure you have proof of expenses for all your claimed deductions and credits.

  • Complete your federal tax returns first since you will need information from it for your state return.

To get tax forms or check the status of your refund or make tax payments, visit or call 1-800-356-4222.