Teen at center of custody dispute runs away

PORTLAND, Ore. - A 16-year-old girl at the center of a custody dispute where her parents claim she was "legally kidnapped" has now disappeared.

The family turmoil began when a judge gave custody of Michael and Stacey Trumbo's daughter, Anna Trumbo, to the mother of the girl's boyfriend. Anna's parents said they never got to tell the judge their side of the story and were desperate to get their daughter back.

"I love her so much and I want nothing more than for her to be happy," her mother, Stacey Trumbo, said. "I would love to see her again and give the hugest hug I could ever give and not let her go."

The story, which we covered last week, is a convoluted one (follow this link for background). After we started asking questions, the judge brought everyone back in court to sort things out and ended up reversing the order. Anna was put in a temporary shelter for teenagers, but has since run away and no one knows where she is.

If you see Anna or have information about her whereabouts, call Vancouver police.