Teen girls vandalize vacant Battle Ground homes, police say

BATTLE GROUND, Wash. - Police say six middle school-aged girls should face burglary and criminal mischief charges for breaking into two vacant homes in Battle Ground, causing more than $10,000 in damage.

Battle Ground police investigators say the owner of one of the homes got a call Friday night that there were kids at the house on Northwest 11th Street that she is in the process of selling. The owner didn't get the message until the next day, and when she went to check on the house she found extensive damage.

The walls were spray-painted with vulgarities, and carpets, fixtures and doors were also defaced. There were holes punched in walls and light bulbs smashed inside their fixtures. Police say they could only share three pictures of the damage because the rest of the photos were too vulgar to release to the public.

Police say they quickly identified six suspects, and interviewed five of them before releasing them back to their parents. The sixth has not been interviewed.

Police believe the same six girls hit another house a week earlier, causing more than $5,000 in similar damages. That house is just a few blocks from the house that was vandalized Friday night. Both are within two blocks of Chief Umtuch Middle School.

Police are forwarding a request for charges to the Clark County Prosecutor's Office. They want the girls to face a count of malicious mischief and a count of residential burglary for each of the houses. Until the girls are charged, police will not release their identities.