Teen vandalism suspects caught on video at Wash. church

VADER, Wash. -- Three boys and a girl, ages 14 to 16, did their best to cover their tracks when they broke into an historic jail in the southwest Washington town of Vader.

But they took a little too close of a look into the surveillance cameras they were about to ruin.

They knocked two cameras out of commission at the Vader Assembly of God Church across the street from the jail. Then they cut the high-powered phone lines that went to the church and homes down the street.

Senior Pastor Tracy Durham didn't think much of the vandalism. He said they've been hit several times before. He was more worried about the kids.

"They could have been electrocuted." he said. "And the other problem is where are these kids headed, if this is what they're doing at 16, what will they be doing in five or ten years? We need to help them."

The kids are also accused of taking down the American flag outside the jail, tearing it up, tying it in knots, lighting it on fire and sending it back up the flag pole.

Retired Navy man Andy Wilson donated the flag.

"Why? Why would they even think of doing something as unpatriotic as this," he said outside the jail where he helped put up a new borrowed flag.

"This is our country, your country, their country. What are the parents doing, how can kids be raised this way, it makes me sick," he said fighting back tears and emotions you don't often see from men who have been through several wars.

In a town of about 1,000 people, It only took Lewis County deputies about three hours to track the kids down.

They were arrested and booked into juvenile detention, and may be charged with criminal conspiracy, theft and malicious mischief.

But Pastor Tracy has an idea.

"I've told the deputies and prosecutors that if they kids apologize, and come down and work off the damage with a paint brush or broom or whatever, then we won't press any charges."

He hasn't heard back yet.