Teen will get prom dress after all, thanks to a stranger's generosity

BEAVERTON, Ore. - A heartbroken Oregon City teenager who feared she lost her prom dress to a package thief got a big surprise this week - the news that she will get her dream dress after all.

Mackenzie Koll had searched for months for the perfect prom dress and when she found it online, she ordered it. She had saved about $80 on her own and split the cost with her mom so she could afford a floor-length gown lined with just the right amount of sparkle.

The dress shipped three weeks ago - all the way from China. She got the delivery confirmation on Monday but the dress disappeared from Koll's front step. The tracking information shows the package was delivered and the UPS driver showed Koll exactly where it was left, but the high school senior never got it.

Krysta York, who owns Charlotte's Weddings & More in Beaverton, heard about what happened to Koll's dress and contacted KATU to see if she could help out.

"If I had lost my prom dress, I would have been mortified," York said. "And she just seemed so sad."

So York enlisted KATU's help to set up a surprise for Koll Wednesday afternoon. The teen's mom was in on it as well and kept it a secret as she swung her daughter by the store.

Of course, Koll was surprised to see a TV camera inside and a little shocked when she heard she could pick out a dress to replace the one that she never received.

"She's gorgeous," Koll's mother said. "And it's amazing to see the kindness of others. She's going to have a dress."

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