Teenage boy drowns in Three Pools Recreational area in Marion County

A teenage boy has drowned in the Three Pools Recreational area southeast of Salem, according to the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

The area is in a rural part of Marion County, 12 miles Northwest of Detroit. The area is so remote, there's no cellular service for miles around.

The sheriff's office says it is in the process of notifying the boy's family and has not yet released his name.

Monday evening, several people were at the popular swiming area cooling off. Dakota Kamna said he's been going to Three Pools for years, jumping off the cliffs into the pristine water.

"It's clear you can see the bottom. You can see everywhere you 're going to jump," Kamna said.

He arrived at the recreational area shortly after the other young man drowned.

"He fell through the waterfall and his friends jumped in and pulled him out over here and he was already purple," Kamna explained.

Kamna also said the water fall is a known danger to people who are experienced cliff jumpers. But, many people try it anyway.

"It's like this big of a hole you gotta jump in to and up above it, it's all white, you can't see where youre jumping in to. You just kind of guess every time," said Kamna.

The sheriff's office is investigating the drowning. It does not expect to release any other information until Tuesday.