Tenants' personal information found in apartment dumpster

BEAVERTON, Ore. - Tenants at a Beaverton Apartment complex are upset after they found some of their personal information in an apartment dumpster.

"When we took our recycling out, we found five rent receipt books," said Annette, who didn't want to give her last name but agreed to an on-camera interview. "Has our full names, addresses, how much we pay for rent."

She said she found ten small slips of yellow paper with her sensitive information in a dumpster at the Wyndhaven Apartments.

"For them to be so careless, to throw things away like this. My rent receipt has my full address on it," Annette said.

She said she's worried about more than identity theft.

"In my situation, we have a permanent restraining order against my daughter's biological dad. We don't want him finding us," she said.

Despite her concerns, Annette said she wanted to be interviewed on camera because she wants the landlord to answer how and why her personal information ended up in the recycling.

Oregon law requires businesses to get rid of personal data in a secure manner. KATU called the Wyndhaven assistant manager, but she said we'd have to call the company that owns the apartments on Monday. We're planning to follow up.

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