The case against pit bull's attacker at standstill

LONGVIEW, Wash. -- Nero the pit bull is recovering from a fractured skull. The prosecution against his accused abuser, however, is at a standstill.

The convoluted case of the attack on the pit bull and his recovery has generated quite a lot of interest from the public.

Calls have come in from Georgia and Oklahoma from folks interested in adopting the injured pit bull.

The case began several months ago, when the dog's owner told officials that Nero was dead. Officials say Chad Miller told them he had struck the dog after Nero ate his doughnuts and then the pit bull bit him.

From there, Miller reportedly told animal control officers he killed the dog with a sledgehammer and buried along Rose Valley Road east of Longview.

Several days later, though, some folks found Nero injured but still alive. Presented with the new information, Miller admitted that yes, he had tried to kill the animal and it had run off.

The case against Miller is now stymied because the people who tipped the humane society off to Miller have backed away from their stories.

The statute of limitations for animal abuse cases in Washington is three years. Animal control officers urge anyone with information on the abuse of Nero to come forward.