The city may not do it. But you should

PORTLAND, Ore. -- It's not that often we have snow sticking around for this long.

So who's supposed to clean it up?

Whose responsibility is it to shovel the snow off sidewalks? That's what a lot of KATU viewers are wondering.

The answer is pretty straight forward.

If you own the property, it's your responsibility to shovel the snow and break up the ice and make it safe to walk there.

Most cities and towns have ordinances requiring you to do that.

And fines for not doing it.

But most places don't have the staff to go on snow-ticketing patrol.

So it's not likely you'll end up getting busted for not shoveling.

One thing a lot of people are asking is: If the city expects you to shovel your own walk, why don't they have to shovel theirs?

The answer: The same reason the city can't plow all the streets: money.

There simply isn't the people power to get it done or room in the budget to pay for it.

That doesn't mean you're off the hook -- or the shovel, rather.

If somebody slips and falls on the snow covering your sidewalk or steps, you'll be liable.

You could get a fine, or you could be sued.

So get out the shovel, or just hope nothing happens until it melts.

Ice on the sidewalks wasn't the only hazard facing pedestrians. At least one downtown property had problems with falling ice. One Pacific Square put up caution tape around its property to protect people after falling ice broke a window.