'The moment you let go of the building is really terrifying, but once you do it's fun!'

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A group of young women had the chance to rappel off the Broadway Building in Downtown Portland on Saturday morning.

They were rappelling as part of the Mind and Body Festival was hosted by Girls Inc. Pacific Northwest. The group works to inspire girls through after-school programs, outings, and community service.

"The moment you have to let go of the building is really terrifying, but once you do it's really fun," said Mimi Petersen, one of the young women who rappelled from the building.

Girls, Inc. Pacific Northwest’s executive director, Elizabeth Nye, says that the mental strength it takes to rappel 24 floors down a building is similar to the challenges girls face in every aspect of their lives.

“Something that feels scary maybe takes them outside of their comfort zone, which is something girls have to do every day. Whether that's showing up for a leadership position or trying something new, being the only girl on the robotics team… you name it, so we want to show girls they are supported,” said Nye.

Part of Girls Inc.'s education programs focus on health, violence and drug abuse prevention.

The Mind and Body Festival also featured meditation classes, yoga classes, and martial arts.

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